Saturday, May 04, 2013


Over the years that I've been away as in not blogging, I have by far been mostly knitting socks.  I figured I'd include a few pictures since that's what I spend most of my time knitting.

I've knitted about ten pairs but these are the ones I already have photos of!  I can knit toe up but my next goal is to tackle a cuff down version.  I need a really good resource to teach me because I'm self taught and totally on my own with this whole knitting gig.

Mother's Day knitting

So Mother's day is around the corner and I'm knitting like crazy.  My mother and grandmother are getting some old fashioned slippers.  I know my grandma will appreciate them because she'll remember the pattern from the olden days.

They are kind of hard to see in the picture but they are the type where the foot is knitted in garter stick and the toe in ribbing, then seamed.  I got to refresh my seaming skills for this project which was good because I haven't done that in a while.  I usually avoid seaming as much as possible.

Now I'm working on something for my step mom.  She'd probably like some slippers, too, but I was bored with the pattern after knitting it twice in a row so she's getting this.  In case you don't feel like clicking on a link, it's a cowl that I like.  I might make her some matching fingerless mitts.  I think I will have enough yarn.  I bought all that yarn for a baby blanket and then just didn't feel like tackling such a big project.   Now I feel guilty and will most likely buy some more and knit the darn baby a blanket.

Stash Yarn

So a few years ago my husband bought me a gift card to our lys.  Shortly afterward, it announced it was going out of business.  The good news is I got some great deals on yarn.  The bad news is that I really didn't know what to buy.  I usually pick out a project first and then buy a suitable yarn. I very rarely buy the yarn first.

I put the beautiful new yarns in my closet and forgot about them.  I came across them years later and found this.  I had just bought the new coat so I thought a scarf would be nice.

I don't use novelty yarns very much but I do kind of like this scarf.
The previous picture was of a lunch box.  Or a lunch bag I guess.  I found the pattern on ravelry.  It was called Lilly's Felted Lunch Tote.  Mine turned out like this:

I was hoping it would help me to start bringing my lunch every day but I haven't used it a single time.  However, I DID just resurrect it from a pile of things going to Goodwill and moved it into the kitchen, so that's a step in the right direction.  I really do need to start eating lunch like a normal person.

Friday, October 19, 2012

I've been knitting a lot over the past year or so.  I thought it might be time to revive my old knitting blog.  I'm amazed I could still access it!  It would've been cool if I'd kept it up and all my projects where here, but oh well.  Here's what I'm working on now.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Mary Janes!

Well, Thanks to everyone who helped me with this project. I had so much trouble with the first one. I had to start over, frog, put it away, and even considered giving up altogether. But eventually, with some help, I got it.

Funny though, that the second one just flew off my needles. I started it at the dentists office (waiting room, not dentist's chair!) and finished it that night in front of the TV.

It was my first time really with crochet and I found that I couldn't really get the hang of it, so I just did two simple rounds of crab stitch around it, and then i just knitted the strap. And I sewed the strap on for now, I may add a decorative button on later if I come across one.

They were also way too big even though I did check my gauge, so I just felted them down a little and they fit great and they aren't too felty to be cozy. :)

Overall I'm happy with them for a first pair and I'm going to make more.

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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Let me through, people. I'm a professional...

I knit my first clapotis, but the orange was a little impractical, and I kind of like to blend, so I made a follow up grey one and it was a gorgeous. I can't wear it anywhere because people are always trying to steal it right off my back. I have this wealthy aunt (mother to the ungrateful cousins I spoke of last Christmas *this is a joke, these are my favorite cousins*) and she loved it so much that she asked me if I would knit one for her to give as a gift for her daughter-in-law. I was hesitant because I'm so particular that all my knitting go to good homes, but she lured me in when upon further discussion, she decided that she wanted to use the lorna's laces that the pattern called for. Well, I've always wanted to know what that yarn felt like and it's out of my price range, so I agreed. She would pay for the yarn, have it shipped to me, and then upon completion pay me an amount equivalent to the price of the yarn for labor. (Is that reasonable?) She first asked me to do one, then two, then someone or other I ended up agreeing to do three before Christmas which means that this is all I've been doing and no one on my own personal Christmas list is getting anything hand knitted. But, they are beautiful and the black purl colar particularly brought me to tears on a few occasions from it's perfectude. She hasn't told me who all they are for so I'm hoping that maybe by some off chance that will be a gift planned for me but I'm not holding my breath.

I'm just about to finish my second ball on the last clapotis and she asked me yesterday if I could do anymore and I just told her I thought I was done knitting clapoti for a while, you know? As much as I love mine and as fun as they are to make those little runners... still, you know, as a new knitter, I like to do new things and learn new thinks and I got a book called 'knitting vintage socks' for my birthday so I think I want to knit some socks. So then she asked if I could knit her some Mary Jane Slippers, paid job... and I said probably so because that's something different and quick, but then she wanted them by Christmas and I started feeling a little stressed so I just said probably not but that if I did get them made I'd let her know but not to count on it.

It's been so long since I was blogging regularly that I don't remember what all I said about my migraines, but that turned into a pretty serious problem for me. I've been seeing a neurologist and we've been trying to cut them down and we are (In September I had 21 days with migraine and this month I've only had 6) but even one migraine is one too many. Anyone who has them knows what I'm talking about. I had nerve blocks in the back of my neck and that helped a lot. I'm also taking topomax and I guess it's helping but I don't like taking medicine like that. I'm not a good patient at all because I want to be cured but I don't want to take any medicines.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Good Times

OK, I've been trying to remember what all I've knit since last I blogged. First, I finished my clapotis. Here it is modeled by my lovely, if somewhat disheveled, daughter. Of course it's adult size (for me!) but unfortunately I had no adult volunteers.

Image hosted by

And a close up:

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I absolutely LOVE this. It's my favorite thing I've ever knit. I made it with classic elite imagine. I bought the yarn for a tank sweater class but ended up really disliking that project. I frogged it and used the yarn for this and am thrilled w/it.

I'm planning to make another one, but I want to try to hold out for the lorna's laces that the pattern calls for. I think it's worthy.

Then I decided I couldn't go any further without actually knitting a sweater. Both my daughters were begging so we flipped a coin for who could go first. Carley won. I had a nice stach of merino wool in her favorite color, so we went through what few patterns I have, and she choose "To Dye For" out of SnB or SnB Nation. SnB I think. I had to shrink the entire pattern down for her, or at least I tried to. I'd heard warnings that the sleeves were a problem for many so I measured carefully and ended up with this:

Image hosted by

I wasn't completely unhappy with this, as it was my first attempt. It's a little too big, but that's just because I wanted to leave growing room. (Actually it's because I had trouble shrinking the pattern and substituting a yarn with a different gauge, but shhhhhhhh.)

So then it was time to knit Jorden a sweater. I thought this would be so much better, but I now affectionately refer to this sweater as "the monstrosity." I hated the yarn she choose from the get go, but I figured that I'd like the sweater if I could just imagine it in another color.

Image hosted by

But no, it ended up waaaayyyy too big. It's basically hideous, but the poor child thinks it's wonderful. She took it to a sleepover to show off to her friends the other day. I tried so hard to talk her out of it because frankly, I'm embarrassed for the other girls' moms to see it. But none of them knit so they really don't have room to think anything negative anyway. The only upside to the sweater is that I got to do a hood. I like to do something new anytime I can.

I couldn't figure out why both sweaters had such huge shoulders. I told my husband, it doesn't make sense to knit a sweater in a square or basically square. I don't understand. But then yesterday I was reading SnB nation and I discovered that their are three kinds of sleeves (mentioned in that book, anyway) and I was knitting drop sleeves or something. It's the beginner's way but if I ever knit another sweater, it will not be drop sleeved.

When I finished the sweater knitting, I was desperate to move on to something different and NOT stockinette stitch. So, I began knitting a lace scarf. Here's what I've gotten done so far:

Image hosted by

I'm not sure I'll actually want to wear this. It may end up being unloaded as a Christmas gift. But I am having so much fun knitting it. I'm knitting it with a yarn from knit-picks, it's a wool/alpaca/silk blend. I wouldn't call it a luxury yarn by any means, but it's nice especially after using the awful blue lion brand homestyle on Jorden's sweater.

I'm sure I've knit other things I can't think of right now. I made some dish cloths but already gave those out as gifts. I knit a deco ribbon purse but still haven't put the liner in it. I don't really know how to do liners.

Thanks Kristin and Gina for the welcome back! My goal is to post a lot more regularly now that school's in. I have a lot of stuff going on in my life to blog about, but I may as well save something for later.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Blogging Resumed

I was so busy this summer. I just had to let some things go and make some choices, and I'm afraid blogging fell by the wayside. (Knitting didn't, though!)
Now that we've started school and have somewhat gotten back on schedule, I think I'm ready to start blogging again. I have lots of fo's to show off (OK, well maybe not lots, and maybe not show off)

I'm planning on taking some pictures today, and posting them tonight. So stay tuned...

Saturday, June 18, 2005


i’m in alabama, visiting my aunt. i just finished making her a booga bag. it’s charcoal grey and i think it’s going to look really nice. it’s blocking/drying now. she doesn’t know it’s for her and keeps going on and on about how neat it is and how great my sophie bag is, so hopefully she’ll be really happy when i give it to her. i’ll post a picture of it later if i get a chance.